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'I am not what happened to me, 
I am what I choose to become'

Carl Jung

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What is Psychological Astrology?

Meet yourself again with curiosity, love and acceptance.

Psychological Astrology is a tool that combines the wisdom of Astrology and Holistic Counselling techniques.

The Greek word Psychology means the story of the soul and Astrology means the story of the stars.

The two stories can provide a holistic understanding of your existence and your soul's journey. 

The in-depth astrological analysis of your birth chart as well as a variety of holistic counselling techniques, can provoke insights and reflective questions that empower self-enquiry and a powerful self-dialogue. Based on the Socratic method, the reflective process of self-enquiry will bring to your awareness that all the answers lie within you.

If you wish to dive deep in the process of self-exploration and self-enquiry, please check Jaya Holistic services for more details.

The Wisdom of Astrology

Since the beginning of time, humans have felt the desire to look at the stars and planets and to understand the relationship between them.

Astrology was created by ancient cultures and wisdom thousands of years ago. Thanks to their insatiable search for answers to the many questions of life, they developed a framework based on observations of natural events, such as: the life cycle, changing of the seasons, the movement of planets and the influences they had in their life on Earth.

Each natal chart unwraps a unique universal blueprint that informs about your talents and strengths, the challenges and lessons, the emotional wound and how this affects you and the mission of your soul in this human experience. 

 Astrology was given to us from the ancient cultures to support our journey by bringing awareness in understanding how our soul can evolve during our incarnation. It is a language that reveals that everything around us is connected. We have the universe within us because we live in the universe.  There are major universal influences that are challenging us to grow and expand our consciousness, but always remember that the personal choice is always yours. 

The psychological aspect of the delineation of the chart comes from the psychologist Carl Jung and his theory about archetypes. These archetypes reveal deep insights about the role they play and how they affect our lives. Carl Jung used Astrology as a tool during his sessions to understand more deeply the complex emotional world of his clients. 

The archetypes are the following:

Chiron - Your emotional wound and how this affects your life.

Sun - Your sense of identity, your heart's desires, your vital energy

Moon- Your emotional needs and patterns and how you process them.

Mercury- The way you communicate your truth, your thoughts and your feelings.

Venus- The values that define your relationships, self-value and self-worth issues, how you relate with the others, your relationship with the material world.

Mars- The action you take in your life (fight, flight or freeze mode), assertiveness, the way you use your vital energy (sexual energy) and the role that anger plays in your life.

Saturn- The inner dialogue (inner critic) that may restrict you from accepting yourself, boundaries, limitations that block you from reclaiming your inner authority.

Jupiter- The belief system you have developed and how this affects your relationship with life.

Uranus- Emotional and thought patterns you may hold on that restrict you from living an authentic life.

Neptune- Your spirituality and the faith you have in life.

Pluto - Your fears, power and control issues, intimacy, reclaiming your inner power.

North Node - Your soul's mission and lessons in your current human experience. 

Each archetype is equally important for your soul's journey. They highlight the inner work you need to do to empower yourself and to allow your light to be spread in the world. 

What is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic counselling is a healing approach that considers and nurtures the mind, body, heart and soul of an individual. It is based on creating a safe and confidential space for any person to share their emotional wound and trauma, to become aware of their inner resources to start the re-parenting phase and to revisit challenges and blockages from a new perspective.

As a holistic counsellor, I'm committed in creating a safe space for you to share your story and support your well-being holistically throughout your journey. The main tools I use is your natal astrological chart and self-enquiry in combination with other holistic counselling techniques.

Self - inquiry is a reflective process that questions any restrictive beliefs, suppressed emotions, unprocessed experiences and parts inside you that may have never been explored but are locked in your subconscious and may appear as depression, anxiety, co-dependence, illness and in general as dysfunctional areas in your life.

Some of the techniques I use during my holistic counselling sessions are the following:

- The Work of Byron Katie: a practice exploring beliefs which have never been questioned. These beliefs often prevent the individual to see and accept reality as it is.

- Structural Constellations: a process that involves meeting archetypes or parts within us, that are conflicting. It provides a new insight and helps to develop a healthy inner team. 

- Creative Visualisation: a technique supporting the individual to heal unresolved issues by connecting with their own imagination.

- Inner Child Healing: a process which aims to reconnect the individual with their inner child by re-parenting their relationship. By re-framing this relationship, past wounds can be healed and new ways to strengthen the individual's sense of safety become more visible and possible.

- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): a form of acupressure which assists in releasing emotional pain.

-Active and Empathic Listening: holding space and acknowledging your emotions with empathy and acceptance.

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