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My Services

I'm committed to support your healing journey by providing a safe and confidential space for you to share your thoughts and emotions.

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Psychological Astrological Natal Chart Readings

Not only we are in the Universe,

the Universe is in us.

I don't know of any spiritual feeling

than what that brings upon me.

​Neil deGrasse Tyson 

Delineation of your Natal Chart

(1,5 hours session via zoom, $250)

I always start my sessions by discussing about your core wound that has developed when you were a child. Then, we explore how this affects different aspects of your life such as: relationship with yourself and others, career, communication, boundaries, assertiveness, values, beliefs, soul's mission. We will discuss and reflect on the information that this chart unfolds.

Once we finish your session, you will receive via email a copy of your natal chart and a detailed analysis with all the information from the session, reflective questions for self-enquiry, resources to support your healing journey and important future transits. Also, you will receive as a gift a Personalized Chiron Self-Reflection Journal with deep questions to explore your emotional wound further.

Analysis of your Natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant 

(45 minutes session via zoom, $100)

In this session we will look into your heart's desires, your talents, strengths and emotional patterns that are part of your universal blueprint. Also, we will look into important aspects of these archetypes.

Analysis of your Natal Chiron, The Wounded Healer Archetype

(45 minutes session via zoom, $100)

This session is focused on your emotional wound that developed during your early years and how this creates challenges in different areas of your life as an adult. 

Analysis of your Natal North Node

(40 minutes session via zoom, $100)

During this session we will focus on your soul's mission and lessons in your current human experience and the things you need to let go from a past life.


Holistic Counselling Sessions

An old Cherokee told his grandson:

'My son there is a battle between two wolves inside of us.

One is dark. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.

The other is light. It is joy, peace, love, humility, kindness, empathy and truth'.

The boy thought about it, and asked: Grandfather which wolf wins?' 

The old man quiet replied:

'The one you feed'.​ - Author unknown

Holistic Counselling Sessions

Option 1: Package of 3 sessions via zoom (1 hour each, $220).

From my experience, I would like to recommend this option if you are a new client, as it provides bigger timeframe to gather information about you and to build a safe and trusting relationship. 

Option 2: Individual sessions via zoom

The duration of each session is 1 hour and the cost is $80 per session. 

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Chiron report- Discover the wisdom of your wound

Pdf report via email (price $18)

The Chiron report is an analysis of the Chiron archetype in your birth chart. This archetype reveals your wound and how it is affecting different areas of your life.

Your report will include:

- Analysis of your wound and the impact in your life

- Transformational stage: recommendations and some resources based on holistic counselling techniques

- The healing gift of your wound

- Positive Affirmations

- A pdf journal with reflective questions to explore the impact of your wound.

- A copy of your natal chart

If you wish to order your natal Chiron report, please send a message to my email including your name, date of birth and place of birth. You will receive your report within 24h to 48h. 

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