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Frequently Asked Questions

...about my services


How can I book a session?

Please fill in the form with your personal details and press the submit button.  Sessions will be done via zoom.

What will I expect after submitting my form?

Once I receive your form, you will receive an answer maximum in 48 hours to book the date and time of the session. I will send you the bank details or Paypal to deposit the fees for the session. The fees need to be deposited the same day with your submission, so your place can be confirmed. After the payment and the confirmation of the session, you will receive an invoice.

What will I expect during the holistic counselling session?

Each session will be a safe and confidential space for you to share any thoughts and emotions. During the session we will explore any issue you would like to share with the support of the holistic counselling techniques.

What will I expect from the astrological session?

During the astrological session we will discuss about the delineation of your natal chart. It will be a safe space to explore all the influences and how these affect different areas of your life (identity, emotional expression, communication, values, relationships, assertiveness, beliefs, fears, restrictions, talents -resources, soul's mission). It will be a great opportunity for you to get to know parts of yourself in-depth. I will guide you through with information and reflective questions that empower self-enquiry. In the end of the session, you will receive a copy of your astrological chart and a detailed report (around 12-15 pages) of what we will discuss and major future transits that may affect you personally.

What is the cost of each session?

Astrologican session

Price $220 for 1,5 hours

Holistic Counselling session

Introductory package of 3 sessions . Price $220 for 3 hours in total. 

Any extra session session will cost $80 for 1 hour.

I would like to recommend the introductory package with the 3 sessions to gather enough information about your story and create a safe connection with you.

Chiron report 

Pdf report via email. Price $18

Can I cancel the session?

Though I would love to support your healing journey, I understand that unexpected challenges may arise. If you have booked a session, you can reschedule it for another date. If it is possible, please inform me at least two days before the initial date of the session.

Have a question that I didn't answer here? Contact me today, I would be happy to help.

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