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What Is Your Story?

Since our eyes opened for the first time, we have been experiencing the relationship between what we need and how our needs are met. Our strongest needs are feeling connected to ourselves and others, and being accepted for who we really are.

Our story begins even before we are born. The events we experience through our family and community shape our thoughts and feelings from a young age. 

How we interpret and process this information slowly shapes our personal beliefs, a narrative that disrupts our connection to authenticity.

'I am not enough'

'I don't deserve to be loved'

'I am not accepted for who I am'

'I am not important'

'Life is hard and difficult'

'I don't deserve to be happy'

'I am not safe'

'I am not successful'

Do you hold any of the above beliefs?

You choose every moment.

You can choose to revisit your story and develop an inner dialogue full of love, compassion and acceptance towards yourself. Then, the inner dialogue becomes a great resource for reparenting: speaking and treating yourself like a loving parent that embraces and accepts each part of you. So, I would like to invite you to enquire on the reflective questions below...

​What are the beliefs that are restricting you from connecting with yourself and experiencing abundance?

Who would you be if you didn't believe something is wrong with you?

Who would you be if you believed that life protects you and you are safe?

What are the expectations you hold for yourself?

How are these expectations influencing your life?

When do you feel safe in a relationship?

What are your personal needs and how do you communicate them to the others?

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